Website Hosting for Business


Did you know?

In the UK, 80% of people use the internet and before buying products or services the majority of these people do their initial research online!

What is more, 70% of businesses already have a website. So, if you do not have one, you are almost certainly losing customers every day to your competitors!


A website is essential for your success.

Here are five reasons why:

  • A website will work for you 24 hours a day – including nights and weekends – selling your products and services while you work … rest or play.
  • It will allow you to reach people far outside your local area, nationally or internationally.
  • A website will give you a polished professional image, helping your customers to develop trust in you.
  • You can display up-to-date information about your business, products or services.
  • On a business card or leaflet, it gives your potential customers immediate access to more information about you, without the extra printing costs!

…but that’s not all:

  • The web address in an advert is far more memorable than a phone number.
  • You can display your client’s testimonials, which again helps build trust.
  • And you can improve your customer service, for example, by including frequently asked questions or a feedback form.

    The list could easily go on!


So, why do some businesses still not have a website?

Here are some typical reasons why:

  • “I’m not a technical person.” – Don’t worry! Just tell us about your business and we’ll do the hard work.
  • “My service cannot be sold online.” – Whether you sell online or not, without a website you are losing customers.
  • “I just haven’t got round to it.” – Well, now is your chance. Let’s get it done!

Website Hosting for Businesses

Our all-in-one website setup and hosting service includes the following:

Your Domain
Tell us your preferred website domain and we will register and park it on our web hosting server.

Your Design
Speak to our designers today at edfirst4design to make your website ideas a reality.

Lots of Space
We can offer you up to 200MB of space, plenty of room for detailed descriptions, pictures and even videos of your products or services.

Professional Email
Get your own professional email address on your new website domain (e.g., which you can then access online or using desktop software.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
We will carry out SEO to ensure your site has the edge over your competitors’, including metatag creation, sitemap generation and bulk submission to major search engines.

Technical Support
Our technical support team will respond to any technical issues within 1 working day, ensuring that your website works night and day promoting your products and services!


Let’s get started!

We can help get your business online and open up a massive channel of new customers who are searching the internet for businesses like yours. To get the ball rolling or simply to find out more, contact us today:

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